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Best of 2015: Architectstasy’s Top 6 Articles

2015 is a special year for Architectstasy, being its first.  It’s been a phenomenal year of architectural conversations; from the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial to Ann Arbor’s struggle with its version of the Roman Forum, the following were Architectstasy’s most-read articles of 2015.  Thanks for following along so far, and here’s to a new year of even more and more interesting conversations in 2016.  See you next year!

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A rare voice of optimism in architecture

Mr. Kushner’s talk on architecture is ambitious in scope and scale, and yet entirely accessible. His description of the reception of Frank Gehry’s Bilbao Museum – “[This was] a rare moment when critics, academics and general public were completely united” – could easily be applied to his talk as well.

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