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Chicago Architecture Biennial: The Definitive Visitor’s Guide

As a crucible for contemporary architectural practice and thinking, there is nothing quite like a biennial, which is why it’s so extraordinary that Chicago is currently hosting North America’s inaugural Architecture Biennial event. Practices from all over the world come together to showcase their responses to specific themes. It’s a time for fast and intense idea proliferation, and the pavilions are mined and examined for useful ideas by architects for years afterwards.

Rather than national pavilions, as with the Venice Biennale, Chicago has invited individual firms to participate. Some were invited to respond in particular ways, from building a full-scale home to documenting speculations about Chicago; the rest were encouraged to share how and what they are working on right now. In this way, the organizers of the Biennal hopes the exhibit will serve as an accurate and comprehensive survey of what is happening globally at the bleeding edge of architecture.

The Chicago Architecture Biennal is comprised of over a hundred installations in multiple areas throughout the city and is being accompanied by dozens of events, either specially planned for the Biennial, or already as part of Chicago’s naturally vibrant architectural scene. While the Biennal website does a thorough job at outlining everything that’s available, it can be daunting to know where to begin. Architectstasy is here to help: here is a snapshot guide for how to approach the exhibit and avoiding Biennial fatigue.

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Chicago Architecture Biennial: Preview With Photos

The “State of the Art of Architecture,” North America’s inaugural architecture biennial, is now firmly underway in Chicago.  Over a hundred practices from all over Chicago and the world are displaying projects covering the gamut of types and ideas at stake.

An architecture event of this magnitude demands a thorough review. I will be writing a series of critical articles starting 10/26 going over the concept and execution of this Biennial as well as some of the works shown inside it.  Until then, here is a tiny peek at what’s in store.

Hollow Trunk, Plan:B Arquitectos

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Chicago Architecture Biennial: The Breakthrough

Sound the alarm: the women are missing!

Equity By Design (originally named The Missing 32%) is an advocacy group for women architects in the United States.  It started, perhaps inevitably, in San Francisco; architects like Dr. Ila Berman, Cathy Simon, Anne M. Torney, EB Min, and others had begun puzzling over the numbers of women in architecture.  It’s a well-known fact that in architecture school programs, the number of women and men is essentially even (and in graduate school, women often have the slight balance); another well-established fact is that only around 18% of licensed architects are female.  Which led this group to wonder…where is that missing 32%?

The Chicago Architecture Biennial is providing a surprising clue.

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Chicago Architecture Biennial: Six Degrees Trivia Game

In the vein of trivia, networked knowledge, and of course the Chicago Architecture Biennial, Architectstasy presents: a trivia game for architecture geeks!  It is a mashup of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon plus the Wikipedia Game: linking one topic to the next by six degrees of separation.  For bonus points, print out and play with your friends; see how many they can fill in.  For extra bonus points, create your own!  (If you send them in, I will publish all new games here and on Facebook and Twitter.)

Let the game begin!

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