Burn Ward

Burn Victim: IBM Building, New York City

Burn Ward Ada Louise Huxtable-IBM Building

“The architect has attempted to accommodate the impossible and the undesirable with notable skill, something that gives Barnes the dubious distinction of at least trying to do the wrong thing right.”

– Ada Louise Huxtable on the IBM Building, Edward L. Barnes & Associates, 1963

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Burn Victim: Marcel Breuer

Burn ward Ada Louise Huxtable and Breuer's proposed Grand Central tower

“An excellent job with a dubious undertaking, which is like saying it would be great if it weren’t awful.”

– Ada Louise Huxtable on Marcel Breuer’s Grand Central Station tower proposal

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Burn Victim: Builder Schlock

Burn ward_Huxtable on builder schlock

“It is the builder’s shrewd invention of a cheap gimmick meant to evoke the older, legitimate vernacular with consummate shoddiness of execution and intent.”

– Ada Louise Huxtable, “Marblehead,” Have You Kicked A Building Lately?

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Burn Victim: Bunschaft and Noguchi

Burn ward Muschamp-Bunschaft and Noguchi

“Alas, in their collaborations on buildings for two New York banks, the art became the urban equivalent of the toaster bestowed on customers for opening an account.”

– Herbert Muschamp, on Noguchi & Bunschaft’s collaborations

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Burn Victim: Venturi Scott Brown

Burn ward Muschamp-Venturi Scott Brown

“[T]hese whiffs of the sinister are more than dispelled by the building’s rosy palette…the portal ushers the visitor into a stately home lately converted into a reformatory for the criminally tasteful.”

– Herbert Muschamp, on Venturi Scott Brown’s Lewis Thompson Biology Laboratory at Princeton University

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