A new Ann Arbor tradition: Building Matters Workshops

Ann Arbor, a new tradition starts in March!

In the spirit of the Ann Arbor District Library’s mission to “promote the development of literate and informed citizens” through its collections and events, and Architectstasy‘s mission of bringing interesting and relevant architectural education deep into the community, Architectstasy presents its inaugural monthly Building Matters workshop.

These workshops will follow the format of a short presentation by Jessica A.S. Letaw followed by questions and conversation.  The goal is not for a one-way lecture, but a lively round-table discussion about the facts, ideas, and themes prompted by the topic.  The monthly topics will change from month to month, covering history, design, state and local ordinances, city planning, neighborhoods, landscapes, construction and engineering, and sustainability.  No expertise or prior knowledge is needed; come ready to learn, talk, and teach what you may not even realize you know.

Wednesday, 3 March: Kahn Arbor

Kahn Ann Arbor Angell Hall

We’ll talk about internationally-significant architect Albert Kahn, what brought him to Ann Arbor over a century ago, and the powerful influence on the appearance of Ann Arbor his designs continue to exert even today.

Wednesday, 6 April: Net Metering

ann arbor solar net metering

Net metering, or “a system in which solar panels or other renewable energy generators are connected to a public-utility power grid and surplus power is transferred onto the grid, allowing customers to offset the cost of power drawn from the utility”, is mechanically straightforward and politically challenging.  We’ll talk about what’s at stake, what’s on the docket for the Michigan Legislature in 2016, and where Michigan stands in relation to the 10 other states currently considering  net metering legislation.

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