Architectstasy is a resource for the current, past, and projected built environments of Ann Arbor, SE Michigan, the U.S., and occasionally the world. Jessica A.S. Letaw and invited critics present critical readings of their city’s trajectories that are situated within architectural discourse, as well news that is pertinent to residents and citizens.

Jessica A.S. Letaw came to writing in the usual way: a Master of Architecture at the University of Michigan by way of an A.B. in German linguistics at the University of Georgia.  Her past day jobs have included a design/build marketing manager, construction project coordinator, freelance journalist and photographer, and well as Editor for Ampersand Michigan.  (Not to mention all those au pair, cleaning, filing, and table-waiting jobs to make ends meet.)  Her Masters thesis explored the semiotics of the spaces of health and questioned the spatialized cultural myths as necessary consequences of fictional narratives scripting individual days and lives, amplified to the scale of the social.  If you don’t know how any of those words go together, don’t worry.  The critics kind of didn’t, either.

Jessica lives in Ann Arbor with her rescue hound, Henry and keeps herself out of trouble by volunteering occasionally with Mission Zero Fest and the Ann Arbor Summer Festival.  She enjoys reading, gardening, and well-made White Russians.