January 2016

The surprisingly spatial quality of Stephen Batchelor’s Buddhism

In a gently humorous interview with theologian/broadcaster Krista Tippett on the wildly popular podcast “On Being”, Buddhist teacher and author Stephen Batchelor explores the particular aspect of Buddhism that he practices, called secular, or atheist, Buddhism.  In it he delves into the issues and value of such practices as doubt, questioning, and transcendence.

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And the winner is…

The City of Ann Arbor is giving part of its infrastructure a facelift.

The Manchester Water Tower, visible from and just to the south of the Washtenaw-Stadium split, is getting an update.  Currently a bland industrial medium gray color, the city decided to have a little fun with its appearance.  Last summer, they invited students and artists to imagine new ways the water could look.  Hundreds of submissions poured in, and five months later, the county picked the five most popular and asked city residents to vote for the best one in a survey that they called “Art in the Sky.”

Manchester Water Tower designs

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Happy New Year, Detroit.

Detroit in December of 2016 is going to be a very different animal – in the world’s eyes – than it is in January of 2016.  What has actually been a transformation years – decades – more than a century in the making will look like an overnight personality change.  Detroit, currently better known for urban blight than urban innovation and violence than vibrant creativity, is being recognized on the world stage for its extraordinary contributions to and opportunity for revolutionary design.

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