September 2015

Chicago Architecture Biennial: The Breakthrough

Sound the alarm: the women are missing!

Equity By Design (originally named The Missing 32%) is an advocacy group for women architects in the United States.  It started, perhaps inevitably, in San Francisco; architects like Dr. Ila Berman, Cathy Simon, Anne M. Torney, EB Min, and others had begun puzzling over the numbers of women in architecture.  It’s a well-known fact that in architecture school programs, the number of women and men is essentially even (and in graduate school, women often have the slight balance); another well-established fact is that only around 18% of licensed architects are female.  Which led this group to wonder…where is that missing 32%?

The Chicago Architecture Biennial is providing a surprising clue.

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Chicago Architecture Biennial: Six Degrees Trivia Game

In the vein of trivia, networked knowledge, and of course the Chicago Architecture Biennial, Architectstasy presents: a trivia game for architecture geeks!  It is a mashup of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon plus the Wikipedia Game: linking one topic to the next by six degrees of separation.  For bonus points, print out and play with your friends; see how many they can fill in.  For extra bonus points, create your own!  (If you send them in, I will publish all new games here and on Facebook and Twitter.)

Let the game begin!

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Chicago Architecture Biennial

There’s a new architecture biennial coming to Chicago.

This, friends, is a PRETTY BIG DEAL.

How big?

104 artists and architects from the Magnificent Mile to Madrid, Tel Aviv to Tokyo, will soon be converging on just a few square miles in the heart of the United States for a three-ring, five-star, seven-course tour de force of urban and architecture-flavored pavilions and projects.

Why does this matter?  What the heck is a biennial, anyway?

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