July 2015

Writing About Architecture: A Book Review

I sought this book out because (A) as an aspiring architecture critic I thought I should know what others are saying about it, and (B) Dr. Lange is kind of funny on Twitter.  I am enormously glad that I did.

Who should read this book: practicing architects and architectural designers; urban planners; engaged citizens.  

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AIA, Architects, and Architecture: The Struggle for Relevance

In a bucolic rural setting one hot Sunday afternoon this July, a group of Michigan architects gathered to discuss the future of their local AIA (American Institute of Architects) chapter.  In some form or another, this conversation is happening all across the United States: a crisis in fate and faith of architects in “their” group, and the chance to choose a new path that should feel like opportunity and instead feels kind of gloomy.

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Ann Arbor’s Roman Forum: A Rundown of the Library Lot Proposals

Library Lot Proposals Schematic Design

clockwise from top left: The “Bar Louie”; The Glare; 5th Avenue; The Great Eight-Bit; Please Ignore

An alternate title to this article could have been, Let’s Think Like An Architecture Critic.

Okay, Ann Arbor. I don’t want to freak you out or anything, but we have a real opportunity to make a profound impact on the face and function of our city for a long time to come.  The so-called “Library Lot,” just north of the Downtown Library branch and just east of Blake Transit Center, is arguably the most central civic property in the city. The great and terrible news is: it’s up for development.

So, you know. No pressure.

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